Monday, October 12, 2009

Minimum Legislative Agenda for Virginia

This agenda was crafted by the Socialist Party of Central Virginia to present some basic, achievable, legislative goals to the legislature, governor's administration, and people of the Commonwealth of Virginia. We readily admit that these goals are not all it takes to transition into socialism, they are merely a minimum of goals that we can work for. We hope to bring these issues into the public discussion during the election season, and beyond into the legislative session for 2010. Feel free to use the links below to contact the candidates about these issues.

Minimum Legislative Agenda
of the Socialist Party of Central Virginia

Whereas, the predominant political parties in the Commonwealth of Virginia have endeavored to deny basic civil rights to our Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, and Transgender brother and sisters, and
Whereas, the sustainability of the environment has been cast aside in pursuit of fleeting profits for the energy interests, and
Whereas, workers for the public good have been unjustly denied the rights to seek common cause with one another and collectively bargain with their employer, and
Whereas, workers in the Commonwealth of Virginia have been subjected to a hyper-exploitative hourly wage of $2.13 an hour, and
Whereas, the prevailing minimum wage is insufficient to safeguard a quality of life that allows for savings, security and personal development, and
Whereas, the two major political parties have conspired to raise unreasonably high barriers to entry of third parties into the political process, and
Whereas, the Commonwealth has erected odious voter registration requirements that limit democratic participation in our representative system of government, and
Whereas, the horrific treatment of immigrants in our Commonwealth does a disservice not only to those individuals who are subject to the limitations on their liberties, but also to the memories of all the peoples of the continent, who were migrants to this land at some point in the past, and
Whereas, the existing tax code represents a retreat from a commitment to a progressive system of taxation that recognizes that those with the most can afford to give more than those with the least, and
Whereas, the Commonwealth should guarantee the safety and comfort of those who travel our public highways;
Be it resolved that the Socialist Party of Central Virginia calls for the adoption, at the MINIMUM, of the following resolutions to address some of the greatest injustices and missteps of our government, taken, in its relentless fealty to the powerful industrial, economic, and cultural interests that enshrine the wealthy as holding dominion over the public:

1) Immediate repeal of Section 15-A of the Constitution of Virginia that bans gay marriage or domestic partnerships.
Immediate passage of legislation allowing marriage rights for same-sex couples and civil unions for opposite-sex couples.

2) Immediate bans on mountain top removal mining, new coal fired plants, new nuclear reactors, and new coal ash waste sites.
Economic incentives such as tax breaks and subsidies for electricity co-ops and companies to invest in solar power and other energy alternatives.

3) Collective bargaining rights for state employees to freely and legally form unions to represent their interests.

4) Minimum Wage increase for tipped wage employees from $2.13 per hour to a minimum of $4.40 per hour.

5) Increase the minimum wage in Virginia to $8.00 per hour, with annual increases by $.75 per hour until a living wage is met, based on EPI estimations for Virginia as a whole, and with subsequent raises in the minimum to allow for annual cost of living increases.

6) Expanded access to state ballots for alternative political parties, including a reduction of the number of signatures required for ballot access, and party name identification.

7) Same day voter registration.

8) Comprehensive changes to how the commonwealth treats immigrants:
Defeat of proposed legislation that invites bias based policing such as HB 2136 and HB 1695.
Defeat of any legislation similar to HJ729 which would change the state constitution to implement English as the official language of the Commonwealth.
Allow undocumented people to apply for and be issued driver’s licenses.
Allow immigrants expanded and greater access to work visas.
End detentions for immigrants awaiting deportation.
Allow habeus corpus rights for all immigrants including the undocumented.

9) Change Virginia’s tax code from the current regressive model to a progressive model whereby the lowest earners are taxed at a lower rate, with higher earners paying a higher percentage of their incomes in taxes. $0-$30,000 pays 0%, $30,001-$44,999 pays 5.75%, $45,000-$69,999 pays 6.25%, $70,000-$99,999 pays 7%, $100,000-$250,000 pays 10%, $250,001-$999,999 pays 12%, $1,000,000 and up pays 15%

10) Reopen rest stops on our inter-state highways.

Contact the candidates!
the websites associated with these addresses contain phone numbers-Give em' a call!
Creigh Deeds
Bob McDonnell
Bill Bolling
Jody Wagner
Ken Cuccinelli
Steve Shannon

All seats for the House of Delegates are up for election,
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and don't forget your town,city, and council elections as well! (try to find out more)

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