Monday, March 30, 2009

Charlottesville Socialists Collaborate with Workers and Students United (WASU)

There is a new push for a living wage at the University of Virginia, a new group- Workers And Students United (WASU), has formed to take up the cause for a living wage at UVA and in Charlottesville. The group is calling for a starting wage for employees of $11.42 an hour, after benefits.

Previous attempts have been made at UVA to increase wages for workers, these campaigns have had small successes, but have generally fizzled out after the 4 years of schooling that students have are up. WASU is seeking to create a longer lasting campaign by working more closely with workers, students, and the Charlottesville community. As work continues inside UVA, spreading the effort to the Charlottesville community at large is an important goal for WASU as well. With the staff union now dismantled, it is ever more important for workers and students to support fair wages and policies from the contractors at UVA.

Socialist Party members in Charlottesville have involved themselves in WASU and wholeheartedly support their efforts, both on grounds and in the community at large. We call on ALL employers in Charlottesville to increase wages to $11.42 per hour and a MINIMUM of $4.40 and hour for tipped employees.